• Senior Executive Service, Deputy Director, Technology and Innovation, Office of Small Business Programs, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology & Logistics)
  • Deputy Director, Command and Control Directorate, Program Executive Office (Integrated Warfare Systems)
  • Deputy Major Program Manager, Cooperative Engagement Capability Program
  • Deputy Major Program Manager, Detection, Navigation, Processors and Displays, Program Executive Office (Expeditionary Warfare)
  • Director, Processors and Displays Division, Program Executive Office (Expeditionary Warfare)
  • Program Manager, Electro-Optic Sensor Programs, Program Executive Office (Theater Air Defense)
  • Program Manager, Electro-Optic Sensor Programs, Program Executive Office (Ship Defense)
  • Combat Systems Integration Manager, Surface Electro-Optic Programs Office, Naval Sea Systems Command
  • Project Manager, Infrared Visual Imaging Surveillance System, Gun Fire Control Systems, Combat Systems Directorate, Naval Sea Systems Command
  • Project Engineer, STANDARD Missile Program Office, Combat Systems Directorate, Naval Sea Systems Command
  • Project Engineer, Missile Systems Division, Naval Ship Weapon Systems Engineering Station, Port Hueneme
  • Project Engineer, Missile Fuzing Systems, Naval Weapons Station, China Lake
  • Project Engineer, Guidance System Evaluation Lab, Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory


  • Small Business Innovation Research
  • Small Business Technology Transfer
  • Rapid Innovation Fund/Program
  • Mentor Protege
  • Indian Incentive
  • Cooperative Engagement Capability (including applications on E-2, JLENS, Ships)
  • Naval Integrated Fire Control-Counter Air (NIFCA)
  • Single Integrated Air Picture (SIAP)
  • AN/UYQ-70 (variants)
  • TECR (legacy computers and peripherals)
  • AN/SPQ-9B
  • Navigation systems (RLGN, Gyrocompass)
  • Legacy radar systems (non-phased array, surface Navy and subs)
  • Joint Experimentation
  • STANDARD Missile (G&CS, TDD, AFD, SAD, TLM, Warhead, APBU, TCU/TVC, DTRM, Booster) 
  • SEASPARROW Missile System
  • Rolling Airframe Missile
  • New Threat Upgrade
  • MK 86 Gun Fire Control System
  • SAL-GP
  • MK46 Optical Sight
  • Infrared Visual Imaging Surveillance System (IVISS)
  • Mk 23 Target Acquisition System
  • Navy Mast Mounted Sight (NAG cross-decking)
  • Thermal Imaging Sensor System
  • Infrared Search and Track



  • be a catalyst for innovation based economic development
  • increase and accelerate the commercialization of innovative technologies
  • get superior capability into the hands of our warfighters and their allies, and
  • make a meaningful contribution to the economic and military elements of American national power

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