• Senior Executive Service, Deputy Director, Technology and Innovation, Office of Small Business Programs, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology & Logistics)
  • Deputy Director, Command and Control Directorate, Program Executive Office (Integrated Warfare Systems)
  • Deputy Major Program Manager, Cooperative Engagement Capability Program
  • Deputy Major Program Manager, Detection, Navigation, Processors and Displays, Program Executive Office (Expeditionary Warfare)
  • Director, Processors and Displays Division, Program Executive Office (Expeditionary Warfare)
  • Program Manager, Electro-Optic Sensor Programs, Program Executive Office (Theater Air Defense)
  • Program Manager, Electro-Optic Sensor Programs, Program Executive Office (Ship Defense)
  • Combat Systems Integration Manager, Surface Electro-Optic Programs Office, Naval Sea Systems Command
  • Project Manager, Infrared Visual Imaging Surveillance System, Gun Fire Control Systems, Combat Systems Directorate, Naval Sea Systems Command
  • Project Engineer, STANDARD Missile Program Office, Combat Systems Directorate, Naval Sea Systems Command
  • Project Engineer, Missile Systems Division, Naval Ship Weapon Systems Engineering Station, Port Hueneme
  • Project Engineer, Missile Fuzing Systems, Naval Weapons Station, China Lake
  • Project Engineer, Guidance System Evaluation Lab, Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory


  • Small Business Innovation Research
  • Small Business Technology Transfer
  • Rapid Innovation Fund/Program
  • Mentor Protege
  • Indian Incentive
  • Cooperative Engagement Capability (including applications on E-2, JLENS, Ships)
  • Naval Integrated Fire Control-Counter Air (NIFCA)
  • Single Integrated Air Picture (SIAP)
  • AN/UYQ-70 (variants)
  • TECR (legacy computers and peripherals)
  • AN/SPQ-9B
  • Navigation systems (RLGN, Gyrocompass)
  • Legacy radar systems (non-phased array, surface Navy and subs)
  • Joint Experimentation
  • STANDARD Missile (G&CS, TDD, AFD, SAD, TLM, Warhead, APBU, TCU/TVC, DTRM, Booster) 
  • SEASPARROW Missile System
  • Rolling Airframe Missile
  • New Threat Upgrade
  • MK 86 Gun Fire Control System
  • SAL-GP
  • MK46 Optical Sight
  • Infrared Visual Imaging Surveillance System (IVISS)
  • Mk 23 Target Acquisition System
  • Navy Mast Mounted Sight (NAG cross-decking)
  • Thermal Imaging Sensor System
  • Infrared Search and Track



Our mission is to help companies achieve their goals by leveraging our extensive knowledge of the Defense Acquisition System and network of executives in industry, government and academia.


  • be a catalyst for innovation based economic development
  • increase and accelerate the commercialization of innovative technologies
  • get superior capability into the hands of our warfighters and their allies, and
  • make a meaningful contribution to the economic and military elements of American national power

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